"I will try and convert everyone I know to becoming a Windsor CrossFit member if it slowly kills me!!!! It is THE BEST workout regime on the planet. I saw a difference in my body, my cardio and my overall being within 3 weeks.
It’s tough. The toughest Crossfit I have ever been too. YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT. The hardest part? Getting to the gym. The best part? Finishing a WOD and thinking to yourself, damn, I just smashed that. Most people wont do it, they’re scared, they think it’s impossible to lift that much weight or do 5 rounds of whatever. IT IS POSSIBLE.

The class is one hour! Just one measly hour out of your life and you feel absolutely incredible after.

Join. Right. Now."

− Kendal M

"Since joining six months ago my life has changed for the better. My workouts are more intense, I train with purpose. I have more energy and I’m a happier person because of the community I am now a part of. I can’t wait to see what the next six months hold for me."

− Jeff T

"I was quite nervous when joining CrossFit, having no idea what to expect, and not knowing anyone at this particular gym. I was encouraged to join by a friend who lives out of town and thoroughly enjoys CrossFit.
Instantly, I was welcomed by all members and coaches, and fell in love with the challenge of each workout, the great atmosphere and the motivation of everyone! Never have I worked out so hard, seen such improvements and felt so excited to go to a gym! It has been an amazing journey in just 7 short months and many great friendships have been made. I will forever be a Windsor CrossFitter"

− Jackie D

"I have been at Windsor CrossFit for 1 year. At the age of 58 I was concerned that this was only for the younger aged adult. The Coach’s training in physical fitness and technique has created a fantastic physical fitness program for older adults such as myself. The Coaches are concerned about every ones individual fitness level. I have not experienced any thing like this at any of the other local gym’s around town that I was a member at previously. My strength, endurance and balance have changed dramatically. I thank you for the life changing experience that you have given me and shown me are attainable. Windsor Crossfit is addicting and I love it!"

− Gary R

"Love it! I have major gains in the gym from crossfit. My endurance, and intensity levels have been crazy good. I can lift so much more in just a short period of time, and I challenge myself further than I ever thought possible. My mental focus is so much stronger, I don’t give up as quickly. I really love crossfit and the challenges I have faced and overcome at the different WODs. So happy I joined Windsor CrossFit, it’s been great for ME!"

− Karrianna C

"At the 6 month point now. I’ve seen huge strength gains that I never achieved doing my own strength programs. More importantly I haven’t suffered any lifting injuries at work since starting at Windsor CrossFit. These were a regular problem for me before and it feels great to be injury free. Thanks guys!"

− Jeff C

"My experience at Windsor CrossFit has been amazing. I know that I would not lasted as long as I have going to a conventional gym. The comradery and support that I get every day motivates me to come back, and give back to my gym mates. It is hard (fun) work and the results are consistent and ongoing. I have improved in endurance and strength. I have never been athletic in the past, and am proud with what I have achieved. Your program is a winner! The coaches are O.K. too!"

− Kris G

"I have never met a group of people so dedicated to other’s success. The coaches push and motivate. The members cheer and encourage. An all around sense of self improvement, community and we’ll being. I am Proud to be a member and am very excited for the many years to come."

− James T

"My experience over the past 2 years has been positive and encouraging even when I get down on myself.
My daughter really enjoys the kids crossfit programme.
I have never felt that I don’t belong or shouldn’t be ,because the moral and encouragement given by the coaches and other members, regardless of their abilities in comparison to mine, is always positive.
It is a fun, energetic and crazy place to work out and I love it!!!"

− Ruth M

"Definitely a positive one! It’s great to find a place that puts the emphasise of fitness/health into becoming better at what we do as opposed to looking better by dropping/gaining weight. We need more facilities with this mindset towards health/fitness in Windsor-Essex County."

− Jac N

"Everyone is great! You should be very proud of all the hard work, dedication and professionalism you show to every person that walks thru your door."

− Kim D