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More than just CrossFit:

WCF is your one stop fitness shop!

Kick Ass Community!

Never get bored with loads of activities.
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Why Windsor CrossFit?

If you’re looking for the BEST, most diverse, experienced, and professional  training facility this city has to offer then look no further!

Personal Attention

Beginner or advanced every class your Coach will be providing you with the advice and modifications you need to achieve your goals. From your first pull up, handstand push up or competing in the CrossFit Games, our coaches will be with  you the entire way!

Expert Coaching

Our Coaches are highly skilled, experienced, and personable! We know you want the best, so we take all accredited CrossFit certifications and add several other exacting standards before we let any trainer become a WCF Coach.

Positive Community

If you are looking to be around the most supportive, fun, and energetic communities, then you have found it. Current members have been where you are and will cheer you on in your successes as if it was theirs!

Diverse Services

At WCF we are much more than just CrossFit. We offer; Foundations, Masters (50+), Advanced, Olympic Lifting, Mobility, Focus Training, Speciality Packages, Team Training, Strength Training, Corporate Fitness, Seminars, Kids Fitness, Windsor Barbell Club, Nutrition, Goal Tracking, Massage, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Fascial Stretch, Child Care, Social Gatherings and MORE!

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