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    Cocowodder BCAA Hydrate was developed by JaktRX for moments where endurance performance hydration is required during athletic events and workouts that push the limits of exhaustion.

    Whether you are competing at a meet or testing yourself on a benchmark WOD, your body requires proper hydration in order for you to challenge and surpass your personal best. Cocowodder BCAA Hydrate is a unique hybrid supplement designed to saturate your body with optimal levels of electrolytes and BCAAs along with other key vitamins and minerals.

    The result is off-the-charts performance and the extra capacity you need to demolish multiple WODs in record-setting times that only Cocowodder BCAA Hydrate can provide. With this re-hydration formula on your team, you’ll be hitting new PRs and reducing dreaded muscle soreness faster than you ever thought possible!

    Each ingredient in Cocowodder BCAA Hydrate was chosen to provide athletes a safe and natural competitive edge. Crystallized Coconut Water powers JaktRX‘s exclusive blend to ensure that your body will be maximally hydrated so it can meet the exertion demands of even the most torturous WOD. In combination with vital BCAAs flooding your muscles, you will create the optimal environment for ultimate strength gains and faster recovery times with less soreness so you can demolish any WOD thrown at you – over and over again.

    The performance of Cocowodder is second-to-none but it is also 100% sport safe. JaktRX take pride in ensuring that every batch of Cocowodder is manufactured in a certified, sport-safe laboratory meeting even the most stringent testing standards at any level of sport.


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