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    DarylsBars.com offers six great tasting energy bars made with all natural ingredients. They contain no flour, NO invert sugars, NO alcohol sugars or yeast. Grab one for a snack or for meal replacement.

    Looking to lose weight?

    Have a Regular Hi-N-R-G Bar as a snack each day.

    Need a quick meal replacement?

    Replace one meal a day with a Regular Protein or Chocolate Protein bar. It’s a full meal! Choose Chocolate if you have a sweet tooth.

    Need anti-oxidants?

    The Regular or Chocolate Elite bars are full of anti-oxidants. You’ll love the taste.

    Looking to gain muscle mass?

    Have a Chocolate Protein bar after every workout and once every off-day. It’s packed with fibre and high protein.

    Need a pre-workout bar?

    Have half a Regular Protein bar 30 minutes before your workout for increased energy and carbs and half after.

    When should you eat them?
    For best results, eat a Daryl’s Bar about one to three hours before exercise, along with water. During prolonged exercise (more than one hour), be sure to eat before fatique and hunger set in. Daryl’s Bars can be consumed during exercise to provide the carbohydrates athletes need. They can also be eaten between meals or during a long, busy day to help sustain energy.

    Why do Daryl’s Elite Bars have antioxidants?
    Our Elite Bars contain vitamins A, C, and E. These may help to prevent or reduce free radical damage to the body. Free radicals are unpaired electrons that can cause damage within the body. Anti-oxidants also play an important role in maintaining a healthy heart, skin and immune system.

    How are Daryls Bars sweetened?
    Daryl Bars are sweetened with two ALL NATURAL sweeteners – Orchard honey and Molasses. Both are minimally processed by natural means. Minimally processed foods, including sweeteners, retain naturally-occuring compounds that can have a beneficial effect on health.


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