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With 3 easy steps!

Step 1

Demo Session

Book Demo

Come in for a  demo session with one of our coaches and we’ll help you establish what you want for your fitness and ultimately if CrossFit is right for you. The session can take up to an hour so bring your workout clothes and be ready to sweat!

If you feel comfortable enough to start, then jump right into the ORP!

Step 2

The On Ramp Program

Start ORP!

During the On Ramp Program (ORP) you learn CrossFit’s foundational movements so you can move SAFELY, EFFECTIVELY and EFFICIENTLY when it comes time for you to begin your membership.  Not only does the ORP prepare you for regular classes but it also allows you access to all of Windsor CrossFit’s amazing and essential Seminars later on in your CrossFit journey.

The WCF ORP is the main entry point into our CrossFit Program. All potential members are required to complete it. The On Ramp Program consists of seven training sessions (each session is one hour long) and one initial consultation (which is also one hour long). This one hour initial consultation helps you navigate through your WCF journey to set you up for success!

If you feel as though you’re well versed and competent in CrossFit’s foundational movements then please contact us about the ‘test-out’ option.

Step 3



Choose Your Membership and decide your path! Start attending regular Windsor CrossFit classes and take your fitness to the next level.