Who is this Fitness & Weight Loss Camp for?

This Fitness and Weight Loss Camp is for teens who are serious about losing weight and changing their lives. The best candidates are kids between the ages of 12-16 that wish to lose 20+ pounds.

Where is the Fitness & Weight Loss Camp taking place?

Windsor CrossFit

3950 North Service Rd. East

Windsor, ON N8W5X2

Tour Of Facility

When is the Fitness & Weight Loss Camp Taking Place?

The first day of Camp will be on July 3rd and the last day will be Sept 1st.

The Camp will run Monday-Friday from 10:00am-11:15am.

What will participants be doing while at the Camp?

Participants will be enduring constantly varied, high intensity, functional fitness exercises. Throughout the camp they will also learn the foundational movements associated with CrossFit.

What else does the Camp entail?

This is an all inclusive Fitness & Weight Loss Camp for Kids between the ages of 12-16 who are looking to lose 20+ pounds. This Camp is for serious participants only. Applicants are required to come in and meet with the Program Director prior to beginning the program so they’re fully aware of what the program entails and the amount of work that will be required on everyone’s behalf in order to achieve success.

The program includes things such as (but not limited to) the following:

  • Initial Weigh-Ins + Measurements
  • Daily Food/Health/Wellness Journaling
  • Intro to Healthy Eating Seminar
  • Bi-Weekly Health Coaching Sessions (Weigh-Ins & Measurements Included, Journal Reviews, Overcoming Obstacles, etc.)
  • 24/7 communication with the Program Director
  • Individualized Meal Plans *Additional Cost*
  • Self-Esteem Seminar *Additional Cost*

Who will be running this Fitness & Weight Loss Camp?

Me! 🙂

Meet Lauren

Hello, my name is Lauren Bosco and I am the Founder and Head Coach of Kids Fitness League here in Windsor. I currently hold a degree in Psychology from the University of Windsor with a focus in Child & Adolescent Psychology. I am also a certified Health & Nutrition Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and hold various CrossFit level certifications as well (CrossFit L1, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Kids).

More importantly, I myself was overweight during my childhood and right through to adolescence. At the age of 15, I “had enough” and decided to lose the excess 40 lbs I put on my body. With parents who didn’t know much about health, wellness, fitness, or nutrition, I needed to take matters into my own hands. I educated myself in regards to nutrition by reading DOZENS of books, and started running around my neighbourhood for exercise (I had gym memberships but never knew what to do on my own and always felt intimidated and embarrassed to be there). After nearly 6 months, countless nutrition books, and hundreds of runs, I DID IT, I lost the weight and it seriously changed my entire life. This experience gives me the rare ability to relate with overweight kids/teens and understand exactly how their feeling and thinking at any given time throughout their weight loss journey. I genuinely want to help change the lives of kids who are overweight and feeling self-conscious. I want them to fall in love with the results and change their lifestyles. With the right commitment and participation, together we WILL see change.

Massive results require massive action. #LetsGetIt

How do we sign up?

Contact Lauren to schedule an initial face to face meeting by calling her at 519-903-3099 or emailing her at lauren@windsorcrossfit.com