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Live & Die by The 100% Rule

By 2014-12-30 News & Updates


Take one day, and try to complete everything with 100% effort, focus, and attention. The 100% Rule requires you to follow your intuition and take initiative. You must follow your intuition by listening to your inner self and completing things the way you KNOW they should be done. Taking initiative means hearing what your inner voice is saying should be done in that moment, and ACTUALLY DOING IT! Sounds obvious, right? How often have you walked by a piece of trash, whether it be in your home, or outside of a building, and thought “that should be picked up” but kept on walking because you had other things to do (aka you were “too busy” to take two seconds to pick up a piece of garbage even though you were walking directly past it). I can admit to doing that…on several different occasions. #GuiltyAF Taking initiative would’ve been picking up the garbage and throwing it away after my inner voice informed me that it shouldn’t be there.


The 100% Rule doesn’t mean going out of your way to tend to everything and anything that crosses your path that you recognize to be in disarray. It means putting 100% into the things that you already do throughout the day. But, how?! Here are just a few examples of how to properly and effectively utilize The 100% Rule in common day to day tasks/routines:

Washing the dishes? Pay attention to the every speck of dirt on the dish you’re currently washing. Don’t think about all the other dishes in the sink that need to be done, focus on that one dish, watching it as it becomes clean, and the water flowing down the clean dish. Don’t think about the day you had, or what you need to do after you clean the dishes. Focus your attention on what you’re doing and nothing more.

Playing with your kids (fur-babies absolutely count! hehe)? Commit a period of time where you’re JUST going to play with the kids. Tell yourself that you’re going to dedicate 100% of your undivided attention for (say) 20 minutes. You’re not going to answer text messages, phone calls, check your social media, etc. You’re not going to think about what’s for dinner or cleaning the house. Commit all of your energy, focus, and attention to them; how they play, their personalities, their imagination, how they move, their smiles, current mood, and so on.

Completing a task at work? I know, you’re pulled in almost one thousand different directions on the daily, but that doesn’t matter when it comes to The 100% Rule. #Saaarrry Whatever direction you’re pulled in, it’s your job (literally and figuratively) to give 100% of your effort on whatever it is that is being asked of you at that moment. Don’t think about the other 999 things you were just asked to do, how stressful your day has been (or is projected to be), how you hate your co-worker John because he never pull his weight at work, and so on. All of those thoughts are pointless and distract you from the main goal and urgent task that is most currently required of you.


Feeling Accomplished. If you genuinely tried your best to do everything that you needed to do with 100% dedication, you would feel SO fulfilled at the end of the day. Even if things didn’t go as planned, you would have no underlying sense of guilt or responsibility associated with it because you KNOW you did everything that you could possibly do, and you gave it your all. You can go to bed at night with zero guilt, regrets, and nagging thoughts that keep you awake.

Living in the Moment. One thing that I used to really struggle with is the concept of living in the moment. I never truly understood it (seriously) or had a single clue of how to reach this popular euphoric state that I constantly heard about. It finally hit me one day, while I was at my kitchen sink (a.k.a the overthinking station) washing dishes. I urged myself to stop thinking, and to apply The 100% Rule. I told myself to watch the water flow, pay attention to making sure the dish was clean, and watching the soap bubbles suds up on the sponge. It was at that very moment, I realized how even the most mundane and time-consuming tasks can actually be enjoyable. THAT was living in the moment. Maybe I’m crazy, or maybe I have it figured out…(or maybe both? hehe).

Not Feeling Overwhelmed. Knowing there is a time and place to think about or work on everything can be very freeing. Often times we’re losing our shit because we’re doing something while thinking about the million other things that need to be done, and as a result we become easily overwhelmed. There is no point in thinking or trying to do two things at once. Trying to do two things at once, devalues both tasks, makes them both much less enjoyable, and creates a domino effect of dividing your thoughts and energy again and again and again. Now there are dozens of thoughts and tasks on your plate and you’re feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, stressed, and overwhelmed. The 100% Rule forces you to slow down, think, focus, care, consider, and essentially relax.


The 100% Rule isn’t easy. It exposes you, your faults, your strengths, etc. It’s important to remember it’s not about making time to do things. It’s about taking the time to do things you’re already doing, and doing them well. Be sure not to get caught up in making sure everything is PERFECT. There is no such thing as perfect. It’s consists of YOU, giving something YOUR absolute best, at each moment. I promise it will make for a fun, interesting, fulfilling, happy, and introspective day. #GOGETSOME

Shout out to Pete (The Fiancé) and my mom (a.k.a my life counsellor) for helping realize how to (and the importance of) living in the NOW to the best of my ability.

Yours in health, wellness & fitness,