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By 2014-12-30 News & Updates


I’m Lazy. What Now?

I can openly admit that I am the Queen of taking more time off from the gym then what is sometimes necessary or appropriate. If you know me, you’re probably thinking this is absolutely absurd since I work at the gym. “If she’s already at the gym …why doesn’t she just take an hour and workout?!”

Well, like everyone else who is into health and fitness, there are times when my lack of exercise is justifiable, and then there are times when I’m just being a lazy piece of shit. During my lazy piece of shit absences (that can last anywhere from 2 days to an entire month #guilllttyyy), I have these genuinely silly beliefs that I’m too busy and/or I’m just fine and happy not working out for an extended period of time. When these two excuses start popping up, I know what the REAL reason is for my overly extended absence from the workout scene…and it’s because I’m SCARED SHITLESS to get back into it.

What am I so damn scared of? Well, for one, I’m scared of feeling as though I’ve regressed significantly during my time off. Making gains in CrossFit/fitness in general is difficult. Depending on who you are and where you’re at in your fitness journey, it can take months to make even the smallest amount of gains in regards to strength, skill, and conditioning. To come back after taking days/weeks (or months hehe) off and feeling like it’s your first day at the gym can definitely feel defeating mentally and emotionally. I’m also scared of going “too hard” during my workouts (because I’m so eager to make up for lost time!) and burning out.

What now? How do I overcome these fears and get back to the gym? As a seasoned veteran of taking time off, I can honestly say that I’ve mastered the art of reintegrating myself back into the fitness world!

Here are 3 tips and tricks that work for me every single time:


I help run and grow a business, operate a kids health and fitness program within said business. I’m a trained and certified Health Coach, which I do on the side because I LOVE IT (and I’m good at it hehe). I am a proud puppy mama to two cute critters that have tons of energy, and like most people, I also have a household and relationships to maintain between all the work related craziness! So I get it. I know what it means to be busy. I also know (from experience) that there are two types of busy; 1) Busy & Miserable and. 2) Busy & Happy.

  •  Busy & Miserable is when you’re life is completely out of balance. You can’t remember the last time you took some time for yourself which in turn is making you feel like shit. Because you feel like shit, you’re attitude becomes shitty. Your shitty attitude becomes even shittier words and actions. You’ve now integrated said shit into every aspect of your life; work, home, family, intimate relationships, friendships, etc. And voila, you’re on a successful path for an epic nervous breakdown and hindering any potential progress or growth.

And then there’s….

  • Busy & Happy is when you’re life has meaningful balance. You’re taking time for yourself (aka taking care of yourself) and because of this you’re feeling great. This feeling of greatness trickles into every aspect of your life; work, home, family, friends, attitude, etc. You’re busy, but because you have positive, healthy, and reenergizing outlets you can continue to grow and prosper mentally, physically, and emotionally as opposed to burning out after a week of craziness that is your life.

Often times when we stop working out, our other awesome health and wellness habits that went hand in hand with working out fall to the waist side. We stop eating as well as we used to (or stop eating well period!), we stop taking care of our bodies by getting massages, chiropractic or physiotherapy treatment, we stop mobilizing, taking our vitamins, having our healthy shakes, etc. Let’s face it, it’s a steep slope downhill for most and when you look up from the bottom of the hill, the task of getting back to the top seems daunting and impossible.


The greatest way to create a huge domino effect that leads you back to the gym is to start small. And not to mention THIS IS THE FUN PART where all of the small things we do feel so great and empowering!

Things I like to do to ease myself back into my healthy lifestyle are:

  • Drink more water throughout the day
  • Cook myself healthy meals that include tons of vegetables. Making sure to keep restaurant food to a minimum or eliminate it completely
  • Start integrating the following holistic healing practices back into my life; Massage, Fascial Stretch, Chiro, Physio, and Mobility. (Windsor CrossFit conveniently offers all of these services)
  • Eliminate sugar (mainly any type of dessert, candy, junk food, etc.)
  • Get more sleep
  • Self care measures such as; overall body scrubbing to exfoliate, doing my nails, getting my hair done, putting on a face mask, etc.
  • Having healthy shakes
  • Taking vitamins or other holistic supplements that give me energy

I know most of these things have nothing to do with fitness directly. But the point here is to prime your brain and thought processes to understand, believe, feel, and know that taking care of yourself feels good, is worth the time, and spreads into every aspect of your life. As time passes, you’ll want to do more for yourself…and that more is getting back to the gym!


When people think about “getting back to the gym” they feel the need to go hard as f*** right away to make up for all the missed time and damage done; and they want to keep going hard until they can’t go hard anymore. Very few people can and should do this. For most, easing yourself back into the gym is the smartest thing to do, otherwise you may just end up right back to where you started which is taking even more time off! WHY? There are several reasons why it’s important to ease back into it; so you don’t get burnt out, so you don’t feel overwhelmed and start doubting whether or not you can keep this pace up for weeks let alone months and years to come and most importantly so you don’t get hurt!

I can only hope that these three little tips help you get back into fitness next time you’re in a rut! I know after the holidays it can be especially difficult since we’ve all taken more time off then anticipated (hey…it happens!).


Yours in fitness and wellness,

-Lauren 🙂