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Why it is perfectly OK to not ‘RX’ WODs

By 2014-12-30 News & Updates

Today at the box I was looking at a workout and I spent quite some time debating whether I should RX the workout or not…. I even got angry with the thought that I might not be able to finish it. Then the CrossFit coach in me told me to snap out of this mindset and to re-check my ego. I ended up choosing scaling options that worked for me and allowed me to 1. Get a great workout in 2. Work on weaknesses, so that one day I can RX this WOD and 3. To achieve the proper stimulus that this WOD was set out to accomplish. I left the gym feeling accomplished and in a good place. I wanted to share this with my fellow CrossFitters who have these thoughts go through their head when looking at WODs and programming. Enjoy!

Why it is perfectly OK to not ‘RX’ W.O.Ds:

As a CrossFit coach, I constantly hear people saying (myself included) “I didn’t RX today”, or “Yeah, I did the WOD but I didn’t do it RX”. CrossFit is defined as (for those of you that didn’t know) ‘constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity’ the goal is to ‘increase work capacity over broad time and modal domains’. What does this mean?? To put it simply we as coaches don’t give a f*ck if you RX a W.O.D… we just want you to get better. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see athletes progress and push themselves in ways they never thought imaginable and we do celebrate these achievements on a daily basis. However, we care more about how efficiently you are moving and how these movements are executed – – at a high intensity. End result, we want you to have a good workout and we want you to have fun. Leaving the gym with the sense of accomplishment is our #1 priority for our members and it should be yours too.

At times programming can seem scattered and even unreasonable especially when looking at the elite or ‘competition’ style of programming. However, each W.O.D has a purpose and each day is programmed to push our more elite level athletes as well as our ‘fitness’ and general population athletes . We should all be able to train at the same time regardless of our abilities, in the same class, that is the beauty of CrossFit. If you’re not sure about the stimulus you should be getting or the purpose of the W.O.D or the time frame you should be finishing in, ask your Coach – – even if you consider yourself elite, it might make you rethink your approach.

That being said, approach each W.O.D or strength component with this mindset; the goal is not always about just completing the work laid out in front of you. Each day has a different stimulus, meant to push you in different ways. Our goal is to improve your overall fitness, by adapting to physical stress in the right way. This is why scaling and changing movements to move more efficiently is the right thing to do and is always highly encouraged by WCF Coaches.

So, the next time you’re in the box and you’re worried about looking weak because you’re not RX-ing the W.O.D or everyone else has more weight on their bar, just remember that it’s more important to scale appropriately and complete the W.O.D within the proper time frames that vary depending on the stimulus of the W.O.D that day. We are not all Regional or Games level athletes and even those who are need this nice little reminder from time to time. Stop worrying about getting stronger and faster!! These increases happen slowly and any experienced CrossFit coach will put you in your place when you’re trying to do things that you’re body isn’t ready for. Go back to basics, trust the process, and most importantly check your ego at the door, EVERY DAMN DAY!

– Coach Jaleesa