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To those of you that think we give a fuck about what you look like…I have a big dirty secret for you…WE JUST DON’T!

By 2014-12-30 News & Updates

I’d like to give a special shout out to all of those who attended the Pool WOD yesterday. Unless you’re used to working out half naked in front of other people, it can be a little intimidating. Everyone has a goal/idea of what they want to look like or “should” look like in order to workout in public (let alone workout in a bathing suit in front of other people). It becomes really easy to think that our bodies aren’t enough or “quite ready” for public display. Although this is very common and understandable, it’s a HUGE mistake. The injustice that you’re imposing upon yourself and your entire life by feeling too scared/intimidated to workout in front of others is absolutely devastating in my opinion.

The road to health, wellness, and fitness is very different for everyone. For some, it’s an easy road with little to no obstacles. These people see results quickly and fairly easily. To others, it is the most difficult road they’ve ever been down. There are many obstacles and struggles both mentally and physically. And then there is everyone in between. But regardless of what the road conditions are like for you, it’s so important, meaningful, and worthy of staying on the road because progress is fucking progress. It’s way more valuable than standing still and being frozen by the intimidation that you created in your head. Being concerned about how you look/being judged while you’re working out is understandable but I’m telling you in all honesty that no one cares what you look like. We care about who you are, what’s going on between your ears, and the actions that you’re taking to build a healthy and happy life.

I truly believe that I can speak on everyone’s behalf here at Windsor CrossFit when I say, we don’t give a flying fuck how you look. This applies to everyone, whether you’re overweight or in the best damn shape anyone has ever seen! It doesn’t matter…not to me anyways.

I, personally, am a thousand times more impressed by your motivation and determination than how much you weigh and the definition in your arms or abs. I’m SO insanely impressed when I see individuals digging deep and pushing through very difficult and gruelling WODs and not giving up. I get goose bumps when I see people who are last to finish a WOD, they look absolutely destroyed mentally and physically, but they’re pushing through, one rep at a time, without give. I love seeing people show up day after day after day, ready to take on whatever comes their way regardless of if they think they can do it or not. THIS…this is what the JOURNEY to health, wellness, and fitness is all about. This journey is so beautiful because you start doing things you never thought were possible because you’re getting out of your comfort zone. If you stay on the path long enough, I guarantee you that you’ll eventually ask yourself this question; “When did I becoming such a badass, fearless, motherfucker?”

When you’re in the right place, surrounded by the right people, fitness will be fun, progress will be made, goals will be met, and you will be reminded that it’s important to get out of your comfort zone regardless of what you think you should look like or how “fit/athletic” you should be.

P.S. We care about progress and hitting your own personal goals.

P.P.S. If you don’t give shit about this article because you hate reading…watch the video below

Yours in health and wellness,

~Lauren 😀